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Prof. O. Ademuyiwa : My research now centres on the effects of heavy metals on

aspects of cell signaling.


Prof. (Mrs) E.A. Balogun : Use of rodents in screening local herbs/medicinal plant in the treatment of malaria.


Dr. O.A. Akinloye : Toxicological Aspects of \Non-conventional

feeds/Enzymatic basis of Detoxification.


Mrs. R. N. Ugbaja : Lipid metabolism in schizophrenia

Lipid metabolism in pre-eclampsia


Mr. T. T. Adeniyi : Monoamine oxidase inhibitory principles of psycho-

Active herbs/folic acid in diabetes


Mrs. O. A. Dosunmu : Emparative effects of chelators and vitamin C on lead

induced DNA damage


Mr. B. O. Onukwor : Effects of Vitamin C, Conventional chelators and Phenylalanine on lead toxicity.

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