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You Have Done Very Well - Ag. VC Tells Mrs. Kuforiji

The Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ololade Enikuomehin, has commended the immediate past Deputy Registrar I in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and a former Acting Registrar of the University, Mrs. Christiana Kuforiji, for rendering meritorious service to FUNAAB. Speaking at the valedictory meeting held in her honour, the Acting Vice-Chancellor noted that the meeting was impromptu, but became necessary because it was Mrs. Kuforiji’s last official day at work on Friday, June 16, 2017.
The Acting Vice-Chancellor said that Mrs. Kuforiji was not the kind of officer that should proceed on terminal leave, unceremoniously, while describing her as diligent, thorough, hardworking and a role model. He noted that her record of service was unparalleled and a reference point at any time. He congratulated her on the successful completion of her tenure in office, saying that most of her service years were done in the corridors of power; having worked with two substantive Vice-Chancellors and two Acting Vice-Chancellors and was very relevant to the end. According to the Acting Vice-Chancellor, “Mama is a very faithful staff, even in the midst of hot crises, she remains faithful”. He added that she had been of positive influence to administrators, noting that although she looks tough, she was indeed motherly. He prayed that God would continue to uphold her and rait p,githful2tparalleled and a reference point at any time. He congratul n/?trnto cribine ienud motherle coin869">
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