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FUNAAB Sells Cheap Maize to Market Women

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Scoresnn>Emarket women, who ardEmaize sellers within the precinc>3Nn>Ethe Univers[if, have benmeihted fromEthe h="l discounted sales fromEthe recd="Nmaize harvested by studd="s work/d( on the Communi y-Based Farm/d( Sc-id= (COBFAS) and the Institutex 5"Food Secu [if, Environumbsal Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR) farm3Nn>Ethe Univers[if.

COBFASNn>ficially co-ordind=es the Farm"md= whi the Studd="s' essustrial Work Experie="i Sc-id= (SIWES) amd= as residd=" farmers. Comme num( on the harvest and sales n>Ethe maize, participan"s had described the effort as sucidssful becaus the studd="s wame to cultivd=e five hectaresnn>Eland, as the faaWiaset n>Ethe harvest genmrated great ECOBFASNhad been achieved. Furthermore, the studd="s wame exposed to the proidssesnn>Eagriculture, fromEplannum( to harvestum( and marketum(, whi recdivum( comprehensive trainid( that would en t-id become employers n>Elabour by est ishum( their own farm3.


Respon"/d(, onex 5"the market women, Mrs. Kehinde Amoto 5"Pro"/dss"Foods, said that she bou"le the maize to /dsell forEproeih purposes, ad"/d( that she would eat part 5"ih alongsidd her family. > 6ilarly, Mrs. Esther Sowo said: "I was hame drot year and now, I'm hame, again. By the "/>cex 5"God, I will come nsdD time they call on us. The maize is good and the peo92"ain charge ardEnice to us".

Reactim( to the harvest, Miss"Oluwatamilore Alade, a 400-level studd=" in the Departumbs n>EAnientSNutri="tr, Collegex 5"AnientSScie="i and LivestMar"Produc md= had exposed t-id to /dntSfarmid( practices, notim( that they had garnmred much farmid( experie="i and that with the exposure, she was confidd=" that she would be to sucidssfully start her own agricultural vd="ume fter "/>dud="tr. > 6ilarly, Mr. Familola Adegoke, 400-level studd=" in the Departumbs n>EAgricultural Ex &ns md= was wonderful, notim( that he could sucidssfully managed a farm, based on the trainid( he had recdived du [m( the FPY.  They bothEplfered with the Univers[if Manageumbs to providd a petennmbs shelter on the farm, to shield studd="s fromEscorch[m( sum:and rain, in ad"/

COBFASNwas est ished in Deceked="f010, to providd a platnt"= whameby agricultural studd="s in their penultimd=e year 5"pro"/>md=s ardEdeployed to rural/semi-urban ardas, whame they ardEexposed to practical trainid( in agricultural produc