Weekly Tips

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Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century 675
Planning your Semester Activities Efficiently 754
Harnessing Innovative Approaches for Active Learning 746
Need to Refresh our Courses & Lecture Notes 990
Classroom Dynamics & Diversity 1051
How to help Students who are doing Poorly 1361
Process of Adopting Effective Teaching Approach 1113
Preparation for Examinations II 1285
Method of Delivering the Teaching Contents 1185
Usage and Importance of Social Media Tools in Teaching and Learning 2078
Mass Media and Teaching in FUNAAB 1601
Developing Learning Outcomes 941
How to Help Students that Perform Badly in the Examination 1275
Mentoring 1087
Educational Measurement in Higher Education 989
Preparation for Examinations 1365
Ranking of Scientists in the Nigerian Institutions According to their GSC Public Profiles 2637
Quality Assurance (QA) strategies 1114
Effective Teaching and Learning framework 1428
Improving Student's Learning 1120
Practical Thinking in Students 1003
Translating Research into Classroom Experience 1044
Innovative Approaches to Funding Higher Education and Research in Africa 1526
Summary of 2014 Weekly Tips 1015
Course design 1120
Effective Higher Education Teachers 1085
Improving Students’ Interaction and Participation during Lecture Time 893
Teaching Practice Inventory: Tool to help you Examine your Teaching 1367
Teaching for Transformation 1028
Mentoring in Higher Education 949
Collaborative Teaching: Inviting Guest Lecturers to your classroom 1148
Effective Grading and Providing Timely Feedbacks 1234
Information on EBOLA Viral Disease 4630
Course Design and Teaching Methods 974
Usage of Social Media in Learning and Teaching 1035
Learning Management System (LMS) in Supporting Learning and Teaching 1549
Teaching and Learning Resources 1042
Quality Teaching in Higher Education 922
Teaching and Learning: Enhancing Students’ and Lecturers' Performance 938
Achieving Excellence in Teaching 1047
Effective ways of impacting your students 917
Microteaching: Practice of Teaching 1008
Guide to Effective Teaching and Learning 1051
Study Strategies 994
How to Develop Learning and Teaching Strategies 1294
Universal Design for Effective Learning 1148
Hints on QS World University Rankings 1165
Innovative Approaches to Funding Higher Education and Research in Africa 860