Effective ways of impacting your students

Dear Content Contributor,

I really  appreciate  the feedbacks  received  so far from members of the University Community on our previous weekly tipson the various ways we can improve teaching and learning processes in FUNAAB. Obviously, there is need for us to evaluate or audit various activities in our classes in the previous years to determine our strengths and shortcomings. However, we can make a firm determination to ensure that our engagement with students in the classrooms is more impactful and effective.

Tyler J. Griffin had published an article titled, "Learning That Lasts: Helping Students remember and Use What You Teach", corroborated our line of thoughts. It is worth sharing Griffin's message with members of the FUNAAB Community:
To begin with, how often do you hear the following sentiments from students?:
* "I won't ever use anything I am learning in this class, but I have to take it to graduate."
* "I don't care about this class. I just need a passing grade."
* "I can't remember anything I learnt in that class."

While we can't change what needs to be taught, we can certainly change how we deliver it, if we make the right adjustments to our course design and teaching methodologies, we will hear less complaints in our classes. So, what can we do to achieve higher levels of students' satisfaction and long-term learning that last far beyond  the end of our class? 
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How do you see Griffin's idea? Is it adoptable in FUNAAB? Again, let's have your comments.

Thank you.