Quality Teaching in Higher Education

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Quality teaching in higher education matters for students' learning outcomes. As an Institution, we need to ensure that the education we offer meets the expectations of students, the requirements of employers, and the benefits of our society; both for today and for the future.  The institution-wide vision and strategy need to be well-aligned with bottom-up practices and innovations in teaching and learning. Hence, there is need to develop an institutional, effective learning community where excellent pedagogical practices are developed and shared; where leadership, collaboration and ways to address tensions between innovators and those reluctant to change are adequately taken care of under a detailed, teaching and learning policy.

Let us learn from Maryellen Weimer, PhD, on her thoughts on Academic Leadership in the topic; "Exploring the Impact of Institutional Policies on Teaching". Here are three questions of interest to those of us concerned with institutional support for teaching:

1.     Is the strength of an institution’s “culture of teaching” or policy support for teaching and learning reflected in faculty members’ pedagogical practices?

2.     Are “cultures of teaching” more prevalent at institutions with “learner-centered” policies?

3.     Do the relationships between institutional policies, faculty cultures, and teaching practices differ across institutional types?


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