Usage of Social Media in Learning and Teaching

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Last week, we started our discussion on the use of Learning Management System (LMS) for effective teaching and learning in Higher Education like ours. I hope you find it interesting for adoption into FUNAAB classroom experience.

This week, we want to continue in the series of Learning Technology by discussing the usage of social media in learning and teaching. Recently, many higher institutions teachers are making use of social media in disseminating their teaching contents and perform their professional roles as model teachers using the social media.


Teachers have a professional obligation to develop and maintain professional relationships with learners based on the best interests of those learners. A teacher who is both aware of social media will be a role model for their learners and encourage them to become good digital citizens. No wonder that some well know citizens in this country advised that there is need to convert most of the learning contents into digital form now that majority of  our learners spend most of their time daily on digital platforms most especially social media !.


However, let us share from the experience of The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness on the title "Social Media in Teaching and Learning":


What is Social Media? Why would I use it as a teacher?

Social Media tools are tools that allow for social interaction and easy creation of content by users. Examples of popular Social Media tools are Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress and Pinterest.


Social Media can be an effective tool for teaching and learning in higher education. It can help connect students to information and help them generate a dialogue with their teacher and other students about a course. Read more


There are lots of resources we can study on Gwenna Moss Centre for teaching website such as course design process, teaching resources and social media in Teaching and Learning. I believe some of our scholars willing to take-up international teaching assignments will find some information useful on this website.  Kindly feel free to share with us if there is any way the Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching (CISLT) could be of assistance in incorporating this in our classroom experience.


To learn more about the social media  click on GCF Learnfree


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