Mentoring in Higher Education

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The issue of mentoring in Higher Education cannot be over-emphasized. As one is progressing in teaching career, there is the need to share our experiences and challenges with new entrants into the field, in order to impact on them sound knowledge and give them positive direction in the area of effective teaching and learning.

Let us read a published article from Patty H. Phelps, EdD who has spent 27 years in the teaching profession. Here is his advice to younger generations of lecturers titled,Climbing the Stairs: Observations on a Teaching Career: “My office is on the first floor of the education building. I have spent 27 years in this building. Unless I have a meeting in another department, I rarely go upstairs. Recently, however, I started a daily routine of climbing the four sets of staircases in the building. Trying to slow the progression of osteoporosis in my right hip, I go up one set and down another three times as I make my way around the building. This physical activity has given me a chance to engage in some mental reflection”. Here, I will briefly share five observations on a career spent teaching in higher education with an eye towards encouraging newer faculty to achieve longevity on the profession”.  Read more

The CISLT is planning to organise a mentoring forum, among other topics, to be listed alongside upcoming seminars and workshops, holding in the University during the  next 2014/2015 Academic Session, whereby our senior academics will interact with the young  academics.

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Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching (CISLT)