Teaching for Transformation

Dear Content Contributor,

I hope you are enjoying your annual leave although; research activities are still on-going? However, I will like us to use this period to reflect on the concept of Teaching for Transformation.  Majority of high-performing teachers really want the best for their students; in terms of learning by regarding teaching as a high-impact profession that should be structured to match the goals of establishing Higher Education including the dynamics within our immediate community and nation at large.

Teaching for Transformation is the new directions in translating classroom experience into practical reality. Let  us learn from Kelly McGonigal, in his published article titled, “Teaching for Transformation: From Learning Theory to Teaching Strategies ”. No matter what you teach, you still face the challenge of bringing students from point A — what they currently know-to point B- the learning goals of a course. In many courses, the distance between points A and B is huge, and the path is not obvious. Students must not only acquire new skills and information, but also radically transform their approach to thinking and learning. This newsletter explores the theories and teaching strategies that address this universal challenge Read more

It is  my belief that  if teaching  for transformation  strategy  is well applied,  our  learners  will have more confidence in themselves  and this may raise  the  bar of  entrepreneurship  of  our nation.

Finally, I will be grateful if you can use this period to send-in updates of your profile (Bio-Data) and abstracts of your recent publications to us in order to effect necessary changes on the University website.

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Dr. O. Folorunso
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching