Teaching Practice Inventory: Tool to help you Examine your Teaching

Dear Content Contributor,

During this period of our recess, I think it is appropriate to reflect on our just-concluded teaching activities in order to evaluate our approach, disposition and methodologies adopted and their effects on our students’ learning outcome based on Senate-approved results.  We need to ask: Is there any aspect that needs a change for improvement?

Here's a great resource from Maryellen Weimer, PhD: the Teaching Practices Inventory. It's an inventory that lists and scores the extent to which research-based teaching practices are being used. It's been developed for use in mathematics and science courses, but researchers; Carl Wieman and Sarah Gilbert suggest it can be further used in engineering and social sciences courses, although they have not been tested there. I feel it even has a wider application. Most of the items on the inventory could be practiced in most disciplines and programmes. Read more

Kindly spend time in digesting the contents of  the inventory form objectively as we are preparing for the forthcoming 2014/2015 academic session.

CWSEI Teaching Practices Inventory Form

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Thank you.

Dr. O. Folorunso
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching