Effective Higher Education Teachers

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As we are preparing to resume for active teaching and learning activities in few days to come, it is pertinent to plan our teaching strategies for the 2014/2015 Academic Session. However, as a University teacher, you have chosen to teach in the field of higher education because you are a subject-matter specialist with tremendous knowledge of your discipline. As you enter, or continue your career, there is another field of knowledge you also need to know: teaching and learning. What we know about teaching and learning continues to grow dramatically. It includes developing effective instructional strategies, reaching today’s students, and teaching with technology. Meanwhile, in order for our teaching efforts to have great impact on our students, let us study Mary Clement's article, which contains six salient points that could make higher education teachers more successful. Read more:

Also, in a published article titled how to create a memorable lecture states that if we want students to learn, we need to capture their attention.  Read more

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Dr. O. Folorunso
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching