Summary of 2014 Weekly Tips


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Compliments of the season. I wish to express my profound appreciation for your support and comments so far received on the Weekly Tips issued by CISLT. I feel it is important that we remind ourselves of some salient points in the previous editions as we commence a new Academic Session, as follows:


1.     The issue of our course design is paramount, due to the dynamics of the global economy, teaching activities should be carried out in a manner that would lead to the full actualisation of course objectives.


2. Determination to implement important efforts at improving “teaching” so as to improve learning.


3.     Transforming an instruction-paradigm into a learning paradigm that is, moving from where an instructor feeds-in doses to passive students, to turning them into actively discoverers and constructors of their own knowledge.


4.  Our teaching strategies must give room for active experiences and feedbacks.


5.     Handlers of large classes may explore the use of micro-teaching techniques and social media in teaching and learning


6.     Introduction of Learning Management Software (LMS) for free e-learning  courses or training programmes for our  undergraduates and postgraduates students. Examples of such LMSs are found in: and However, our students can enroll with these web links listed above in enhance their opportunities in getting international exposure and networking.


7.     Departments should visit the websites of best departments in the QS World University Ranking and identify those things that really make them the best and consider such for necessary adoption.


8.  Introduction of that provides more than 30741 free video lecture courses offered by reputed universities and faculty on variety of subjects.




Kindly ponder over some of the questions that we have received in our previous tips:


  • Where do we go from here as a prospective FUNAAB contribution to the enhancement of best practices for teacher and learner as near-equal players?
  • Do we need a forum-based approach, given the fact that FUNAAB had demonstrated theory-practice linkages through extension services and hands-on mechanisms?




So, where do we go from here?


You can get the more details from our previous tips here


On a conclusive note, permit me to humbly say that with the adherence to the tips, the University's justification for the establishment of the Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching into FUNAAB, becomes a reality. The Centre is now set to flag-off some of its innovative programmes that would impact our teaching and learning positively.


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Dr. O. Folorunso Director,


Centre for Innovation and Strategy for Learning and Teaching