Translating Research into Classroom Experience

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In our last episode, we encouraged Colleges and Departments to start thinking of engaging the services of Business Managers that will act as the link between the industries and the academia by translating research into classroom experience. John Clayton corroborates this when he said, “In general, research should be teaching-fed, and teaching should be research-led

I will like to refer you to a piece of information published in the Stanford University Newsletter titled  “From Research or Teaching to Research and Teaching”. It reads thus:  To discover knowledge and to communicate it to others. In other words, to teach and to do research at the same time  since they are no longer regarded as separate activities.

President Gerhard Casper, noted that these core issues are two sides of the same coin. Though they are obviously related, but how to combine the two successfully is not always clear”. However,  it has been the custom of Stanford faculty members continually revisit the issue in order to reinvigorate their teaching methods and willingly share the results of their efforts at bringing research into the classroom, and making a variety of models available to their colleagues. Experienced instructors should show example of how to energize both activities by inspiring others to move into new territory along with them. Read more

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Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching