Effective Teaching and Learning framework

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This week, I will like to once again present a thought on the guide to effective teaching and learning by presenting certain questions and concerns that should be sorted-out if a teacher is to teach effectively and for students to learn effectively.

However, it is worthwhile for the teacher/lecturer to adequately prepare, confidently go and teach in the classroom.  It is of utmost concern that as an effective teacher, one must have a sound, thorough and strong knowledge of what we are to teach. This entails a detailed preparation. It is also important to note that effectiveness in the teaching/learning enterprise cannot be realised if  a teacher is weak and deficient in the subject-matter or fail to update his/her knowledge.

Meanwhile, let us ask ourselves the following pertinent questions:

1. As a University teacher, what is our level of understanding of our learners?

2. Have you ever encountered issues when teaching large classes? How were you able to handle the situation?

3. How best have you been handling teaching and learning of Agriculture and other programmes in the university?

4. How knowledgeable are we in the delivery of Higher Education using Open and Distance Learning methodologies as the University is about to start running Distance learning Programmes?

5. As a University teacher, are we ready to adopt technologies in our teaching and learning activities?

For easy response to the questions listed above, let us read through the “Guide to Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in Africa”, edited by Juma Shabani and Peter A. Okebukola and published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Bamako office, Mali.

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Dr. O. Folorunso
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching