How to Help Students that Perform Badly in the Examination

Dear Content Contributor,

I wish to congratulate the entire FUNAAB community on the successful completion of the 2014/2015 First Semester examinations, which would lead to students’ assessments while the lecturers would be required to go through the students’ answer scripts submitted during the examination.

However, it is normal at this stage to see students that will perform excellently with good grades while some would perform poorly or below expectations. Our attention in this write up is to look for ways to “help students that perform badly in the examination”.

Let us share the thoughts and experience of Maryellen Weimer in her published article titled; “Helping Students Who Are Performing Poorly”. The article reads thus: Unfortunately, all too often, performance on the first examination predicts performance throughout the course, especially for those students who do poorly on the first test. Faculty and institutions provide an array of supports for these students, including review sessions, time with tutors, more practice problems, and extra office hours, but it always seems it’s the students who are doing well who take advantage of these extra learning opportunities. How to help students who need this assistance is certainly a challenging proposition. Read More

We feel it is more compelling to show sincere concern to students who are performing poorly in their studies and devise means of assisting them in ensuring that they are also mentored with the right knowledge and skills. Hence, it would be better if Departments could set up committees that will look into this and make it operational in the University.

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Dr. O. Folorunso
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching