How to help Students who are doing Poorly

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A good teacher always shows concern about his/her students, who understand the instructions and concepts being discussed in the classrooms and as well as those that are yet to understand what is being discussed. The students that are not clear with the instructions being given in the classroom would require the kind of “feedbacks” from their teachers, to encourage them to acquire more knowledge.

Maryellen Weimer in her published article titled, “What Kind of Feedbacks Help Students Who are Doing Poorly?”, identifies the kind of students the teacher would come across in his/her teaching career and how to be of great assistance to them. The article further reads thus:  Students perform poorly in our courses for a variety of reasons. Here are some students that you are likely to have had an encounter with over the years, as well as an idea on the type of feedbacks that could turn things around positively. Read more

As we are approaching the examination period, I hope these tips would assist in encouraging our students that performed poorly in their Continuous Assessment Tests that they could still do well in the forthcoming examinations.

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Dr. O. Folorunso 
Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching