Need to Refresh our Courses & Lecture Notes

Dear Content Contributor,
I once again congratulate the Management and Staff of this great citadel of learning for the successful completion of the 2014/2015 Academic Session, as we are also preparing for our annual recess.
However, we need to know that the commencement of the 2015/2016 Academic Session is around the corner and courses will soon be allocated by our Heads of Departments. It is my belief that during the previous academic  sessions, we have received a lot of feedbacks from our students, observed different classroom dynamics, did critical evaluation of our teaching and learning strategies to meet up with best practices, mentored our students and colleagues and carried out course assessment strategies, etc.
Refreshing our teaching and learning strategies in FUNAAB is essential at this present moment. Meanwhile, let us start our discussion based on our course and lecture notes with special consideration on course synopses and expected learning outcomes.  Meanwhile, refreshing our courses without too much pain and suffering, as suggested by Rebecca Brent,  is achievable in FUNAAB.  Firstly, I will like to implore us to look into this statement culled from her published article, as follows:
You’re scheduled to teach a course you have taught before that desperately needs revision. The content and pedagogy go back for a decade or more and are both sadly obsolete, or the grades have been abysmal and the students are threatening to revolt, or someone (departmental head, faculty committee, or ordinary teacher like you), has decided to offer the course online, or maybe you’re just bored and dread the thought of teaching it again.”  ref="/index.Fwdiv>
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