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Biotechnology Publication Abstracts

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  • Atteh, J. O., Onagbesan, O. M., Tona, K., Decuypere, E., Buyse, J., Geuns, J. M. C. 2011. Nutritional profile of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) leaf and stem: potential use as supplement in animal feeds. Archivos de Zootecnia. 60 (229): 133- 136.
  • Akinduti, P. A., Oluwadun, A., Iwalokun, B. A., Oluwaseun, E., Onagbesan, O. 2011. Clonal dissemination of blaTEM beta-lactamase strain among enteric isolates in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Research Journal of Microbiology. 6: 919-925.
  • Smith, O. F., Ogunsola, A. A., Ladokun, A. O., Ajadi, T. A., Onagbesan, O. M. 2012. Synergistic effects of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-II) and FSH on bovine granulose cells. Arch. Zootec. 61: 305- 308.
  • Ohwojakpor, O., Olowofeso, O., Adebambo, O. A., Onagbesan, O. M. 2012. Genetic diversity of chicken populations in South-South region of Nigeria using microsatellite markers. Egyptian Poultry Science. 32: 263- 271.
  • Daniel, I. O., Adetumbi, J. A., Oyelakin, O. O., Olakojo, S. A., Ajala, M. O., Onagbesan, O. M. 2012. Application of SSR markers for genetic purity analysis of parental inbred lines and some commercial hybrid maize (Zea mays L.). American Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 2: 597- 606.
  • Ogundiyi, A., Bemji, M. N., Adebambo, O. A., Dipeolu, M. A., Onagbesan, O. M., James, I. J., Osinowo, O. A. 2012. Prevalence of mange among West African Dwarf sheep and goats and associated haematological and biochemical parameters. Tropical Animal Health and Production. In press.
  • Abiona, J. A., Osinowo, O. A., Eruvbetine, D., Abioja, M. O., Smith, O. F., Daramola, J. O., Ladokun, A. O., James, I. J., Abe, O. S., Onagbesan, O. M. 2012. Accessory reproductive organs dimension of two species of Giant African Land snails Archachatina maginata and Achatina achatina at three liveweight ranges. Journal of Agricultural Science. 4: 179- 186.
  • Daramola, J. O., Abioja, M. O., Onagbesan, O. M. 2012. Heat stress impact on livestock production. In: Environmental Stress and Amelioration in Livestock Production. Eds. V. Seijan et al. Springer- Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
  • A. Onasanya, P. Kiepe, A. Basso, G. Nkima, F. E. Nwilene, L. Ingelbrecht, J. Lamo, M. M. Ekperigin, R. O. Onasanya, O. Oyelakin, S. Winter, Y. Sere. 2011. Molecular characterization and DNA fingerprinting of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae isolates from climate change prone areas in East Africa. Research Journal of Environmental Sciences. 5 (9): 772-778.
  • Akanji, B. O., Ajele, J. O., Onasanya, A., Oyelakin, O. O. 2011. Genetic fingerprinting of Pseudomonas aeruginosa involved in nosocomial infections as revealed by RAPD- PCR markers. Biotechnology.
  • Sunday Oluwafemi, Matthew D. Alegbejo, Amos Onasanya, Oyelakin Olufemi. 2011. Relatedness of maize streak virus in maize to some grass isolates collected from different regions in Nigeria. African Journal of Agricultural Research. 6 (27): 5878- 5883.
  • J. T. Opabode, O. O. Oyelakin, O. A. Akinyemiju, I. L. Ingelbrecht. 2011. Isolation of Genomic Clones Encoding Granule-bound Starch Synthase (GBSS I) in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). Journal of Plant Sciences. 6 (4): 174- 181.
  • J. Opabode, O. O. Oyelakin, O. A. Akinyemiju, L. L. Ingelbrecht. 2012. Molecular cloning of the gene encoding α- glucan water dikinase, the starch phosphorylating enzyme in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). Crop Science. Submitted.
  • O. Oyelakin, J. Opabode, A. Akinyemisi, A. Raji, L. Ingelbrecht. 2012. Expression analysis of a Cassava vein mosaic virus (CsVMV) promoter cassette in transgenic farmer- preferred cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz). Planta. Submitted.
  • Daniel, I. O., Adetumbi, J. A., Oyelakin, O. O., Olakojo, S. A., Ajala, M. O., Onagbesan, O. M. 2012. Application of SSR markers for genetic purity analysis of parental inbred lines and some commercial hybrid maize (Zea mays L.). American Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 2: 597- 606.
  • T. O. Kehinde, M. O. Ajala, I. O. Daniel, O. O. Oyelakin. 2012. Physiological and genetic integrity of Amaranthus (Amaranthus spp) seeds during storage. International Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics.
  • E. C. Emerenini, P. I. Okolie. 2012. Multi- Drug Resistant Pattern and Plasmid PCR Profile of Escherichia coli and other Gram- Negative Bacteria Isolates from Clinical Specimen in Benin City, Nigeria. African Journal of Microbiology Research. In press.
  • Onagbesan, O. M., Okolie, P. I. 2012. Scientific Evidence of the Safety of GMO Foods. Technical reports presented to a meeting of the working Group on Biotechnology/Genetically Modified Foods, organized by Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Nigeria.
  • Afolabi, O. R., Oloyede, A. R. and Agbaje, M. (2011). Microbiological Safety of Corn-Based Snack Product, Aadun, Sold in Abeokuta, South-Western Nigeria. Nigerian Food Journal. 29 (1): 36- 40.
  • Afolabi, O. R., Oloyede, A. R., Agbaje, M. 2011. Bacterial quality and cytotoxicity screening of fresh vegetables irrigated with polluted waters. International Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Science, Environment and Technology (ASSET) Series B. 10 (1). Accepted on 16th March, 2011.
  • Afolabi, O. R., Oloyede, A. R. 2012. Effects of boiling and drying on the microbial quality of meat (beef) sold in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Biological and Environmental Sciences Journal for the Tropics (BEST). 9 (3). Accepted on 20th June, 2012.
  • Oloyede, A. R., Afolabi, O. R., Ibrahim, T. A. 2012. Evaluation of pathogenic bacteria associated with fresh produce obtained from selected markets in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Journal of Science and Sustainable Development. 4 (1). In press.
  • Oloyede, A. R., Afolabi, O. R. 2012. Phenotypic characterization and In-vitro screening of Lactic acid bacteria from goat milk for probiotic use (Submitted to Journal of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology).

Growth and Yield of Okra with Rock-Phosphate – Amended Organic Fertilizer

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Author: Eyitayo A. Makinde1, E. A. Makinde,


Phosphorous supply from organic manures for okra production can be insufficient for optimal fruit yield. The growth and yield of okra (Variety: NHAe 47-4) were assessed in field experiments with an organic fertilizer made from cowdung (CD), fortified with Ogun Rock Phosphate (ORP). The ORP was applied sole at 100 kg ha-1 and also with each of 2.5; 5.0; 7.5 and 10.0 t ha-1 cowdung. There was a standard check of NPK 20-10-10 applied 2 weeks after planting at 400 kg ha-1 and an unfertilized control., Average number of leaves per plant, stem diameter and plant height were

Study on the relationship between single nucleotide polymorphisms of the coccidiosis-resistance candidate zyxin gene exon 1 and carcass traits in the Jinghai yellow chicken

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Authors:Guojun DAI1,2, Dahui SUN1,2, Mingming SUN1,2, Yuxin LIN1,2, Xiang WANG1,2, Genxi ZHANG1,2,Kaizhou XIE1,2, Miaomiao SHI1,2, Olajide OLOWOFESO3, Jinyu WANG1,2 {page:Section1;}

Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Turk. J. Vet. Anim. Sci. 38: 121-125


Previous research revealed that several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of zyxin were significantly associated with coccidiosis-resistance parameters. In this research, the Jinghai yellow

Modeling manual material lifting risk evaluation: A fuzzy logic approach

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Abstract: :

Manual lifting is common in some occupational groups with substantial rates of injuries. Risk and safety management are therefore become important issues in such workplaces. This study proposed a Fuzzy Logic Expert System (FLES) for manual material lifting risk evaluation. The objective is to develop a fuzzy rule based Expert System which traditional methods are unable to offer effectively. The FLES, implemented in MATLAB (version 7.8), used load (kg), posture (degree), and frequency of lift (lift/min) as inputs variables and risk

The Effect of Plant Density and Height on in University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

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Authors:Ufoegbune, G. C , A.A. Adeyanju, A.O. Eruola, J.A. Awomeso and A.A. Amori

International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Sciences 2(2): 41-47


The increase in residential and commercial development has led to a substantial reduction in the natural canopy cover and this has led to increase in the rate of soil erosion and reservoir sedimentation. This study determined the extent to which plant density and plant height will

Sensory Acceptability of Partially Defatted Dikanut (Irvingia gabonensis) Flour in Ogbono Soup

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Authors:M. A. Idowua*, S. A. Omoniyia, F. O. Henshawa & I. O. Olayiwolab

Journal of Culinary Science & Technology Volume 11, Issue 4 pages 346-355


The study evaluated the sensory acceptability of partially defatted dikanut (Irvingia gabonensis) flour in ogbono soup before and during storage. The partially defatted dikanut flour samples (12%

Entrepreneurial Studies Publication Abstracts

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Status of aflatoxin and anti-nutritional contents of standardized maize-based dishes/snacks consumed in Nigeria.

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Authors:Olayiwola, I. O.,Oganah, B. C.,Oguntona, C. R. B., Popoola, A. R., 1Sanni, S. A. and SamWobo, S.O.*

Discourse Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences Vol.1(5); pp. 93-96


In a preliminary study, recipes of ten popular maize-based dishes/snacks (Dame, Donkwa, Egbo, Eko, Kokoro, Kunu, masa, Ogi, Pete and Tuwo) in Nigeria were standardized. There was an