Soil Science and Land Management Publication Abstracts

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  • Senjobi, B. A., Akinsete, S. J., Ande, O. T., Ademoye, O. A. (2013). Sandy Soil Improvement Using Organic Materials and Mineral Fertilizer on the Yield and Quality of Jute Plant (Corchorus Olitorius).
  • Senjobi, B. A., Ande, O. T., Senjobi, C. T., Adepifi, A. O., and Adigun, M. O.  (2013). Performance of Abelmosebus escuionbus (1) Moench (OKRA) under various Applications Pesticides and Fertilizers in an Oxic Paicustall.
  • Senjobi, B. A., Ande, O. T., and Ogunkunle, A.  O. (2013). Land Degradation Assessment under different uses: implications on soil productivity and food security.
  • Senjobi, B. A., Ande, O. T., and Ogunkunle, A.  O. (2013). Characterization and Fertility Capability Status of Alfisols under different land uses in Ogun State, South Western Nigeria.
  • Oyekanmi, A. A., Bakare, O. O., Okeleye, K. A., Adejuyigbe, C. O., Shittu, T. A., Sakariyawo, O. S., Aderibigbe, S. G., Okonji, C. J., Akintobi, D. A. C. (2013): Vegetative and Reproductive Growth of Upland Nerica Rice (Oryza Sativa) varieties as Affected by types and rates of Application of Organic Manure. Journal of Applied Agricultural Research 5(2). (Accepted). Published by Agricultural research Council of Nigeria.
  • Bemgba Anjembe, M.T. Adetunji and C.O. Adejuyigbe (2013): Solution phosphate concentration as a means of estimating the fertilizer phosphate requirement of soybean (glycine max (1) merr.) in some aifisols in Benue State, Nigeria. International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science. Volume 3(12): 402-407. Published by International Research Journals.
  • Adigbo, S.O., Iyasere, E, Fabunmi, T.O., Olowe, V.I.O. and Adejuyigbe, C.O. (2013): Effect of Spatial Arrangement on the Performance of Cowpea/Maize Intercrop in Derived Savannah of Nigeria. American Journal of Experimental Agriculutre, Volume 3(4): 959-970. Published by Science Domain international, USA.
  • Senjobi, B.A., Adejuyigbe, C.O., Ando, O.T., Oyegoke, C.O. and Ogunkunle, A.O. (2013): Soil Colour as a Pedo-Transfer Function of Soil Organic Carbon and Fertility in a Typic Plainthaqualf. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research. Volume 13(1): 31-40. Published by Global Journals Inc.
  • Olowokere, F.A., Adesodun, J.K., Adejuyigbe, C.O., Soretire, A.A., Akintokun, P.O., Akinyele, S.A., Adeyemo, T.O. and Adeyemo, O.A. (2013): Soil Chemical Properties yield and Nutrient Uptake of Maize as influenced by Plant and Animal based Organic Amendments. Nigeria Journal of Soil Science. Volume 23(1): 197-206. Published by the Soil Science Society of Nigeria.
  • Olla, N.O., Adejuyigbe, C.O. and Bello, W.B. (2013): Ameliorative Effects of Organic Manures on Soil pH, Organic Carbon and Microarthropod Population. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences Published by IDOSI (Accepted on October 9, 2013).